Assignments and Course Structure

This class meets twice a week and will be conducted through seminar-style discussions; moreover, it is reading- and writing- intensive. The readings each week will range in difficulty and length. Please bring copies of the course readings to each seminar meeting – it will be essential that we are able to refer to specific passages and do joint readings throughout the class. Computers and e-readers are permitted, but should be used only for accessing digital copies of the readings and/or taking notes.

Your participation is essential to the success of the class. Please allow enough time in your weekly schedule to prepare for class and complete reader-response posts.

The course requires that students:  

  1. Attend, participate, and write short reading responses for each class.
  2. Give individual, in class presentations on assigned texts, which, depending on enrollment, will probably number about two per student.
  3. Submit a short, midterm essay on topics to be determined in class.
  4. Submit a final paper exploring in greater detail an ethnography listed on the syllabus.

Students are encouraged to develop paper topics early and attend at least one office hour session during the semester to discuss ideas. Specific paper guidelines and a due date will be provided mid-semester. A reminder that this seminar is discussion based, and will succeed only through enriching and collaborative participation.